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Building a Lead Form

This article explains how to build your custom lead form within an ad.

  1. From the Ads tab in your A-Suite Ad account, click on
  2. Scroll down and click on to launch the lead form builder.

    Tip: If the lead form builder does not pop-up, check your browser's pop-up blocker settings.

  3.  You will now be taken to Facebook’s Lead Ads Form Builder.
  4. Select New Form and Click Next.
  5. Name your form in the top left corner of the page.
  6. Open the Settings tab.
  7. Switch the Sharing setting from Restricted to Open (this will make the ad link shareable to others on Facebook that might not receive the ad on their Facebook feed).
  8. Go back to the Content tab.
  9. Change Form type from More Volume to Higher Intent (this helps you get more qualified leads by requiring a review screen).
  10. Intro

    if you prefer to not have an introduction included in your lead form, toggle the blue slide bar next to Intro.

    Tip: As you build your lead form, you can preview it on the right of your screen under Higher Intent - Form Preview.

    1. Headline: briefly describe what drivers are filling out.
    2. Image: if you select "Use the image from your ad," the lead form image will change dynamically if/when you change the image in your ad. If you select "Use uploaded image," you can upload an image from your computer, but keep in mind this picture will always be used for this lead form even if you duplicate this lead form and attach it to a different ad.
    3. Layout: from the drop-down menu, you can choose Paragraph or Bullets.

      Tip: Bullets tend to be easier to read and comprehend so they are the ideal option when advertising for job openings. Each bullet can only be a maximum of 80 characters.

  11. Questions
    1. Custom Questions: choose which type of custom question(s) you want to ask from the dropdown menu by clicking + Add Question.

      Tip: We recommend aasking multiple-choice questions with easy-to-answer responses. Examples include:

      "Do you have a CDL?"

      "How many years of driving experience do you have?"

    2. Prefill Information: any of the user information fields can be pre-filled if a driver has included this as part of their Facebook profile.
    3. Choose the type of information you want to gather from the driver's completed lead form.

      Tip: Facebook automatically includes Full Name and Email. In addition to Full Name and Email, we recommend asking for a driver's Phone Number. 

    1. If you wish to add more fields, click + Add Category and choose your desired field(s) from the dropdown menu.
  1. Privacy Policy
    1. Add Link Text: we recommend typing in "Privacy Policy" as your Link Text.
    2. Add Link URL: this must be a live link to your company's privacy policy on your webpage.
    3. You may add a Custom Disclaimer if you would like as well.
  2. Review Screen: The review screen allows the driver a chance to look over their info before they submit it. 
  3. Completion
    1. Headline: let drivers know that their lead form successfully submitted.
    2. Description: let drivers know the next steps and when you will be reaching out to them.
    3. Button Type: from the dropdown menu, select where you want the button at the bottom of the driver's page to take them if they choose to press it.
      • View Website: takes drivers directly to your website.
      • Download: allows drivers to download a file of your choice.
      • Call Business: allows drivers to call your company's recruiting department immediately after submitting the lead form.
  4. Once you are done building your lead form, click Finish in the top right-hand corner to use your lead form in an ad or click Save to save this lead form as a draft and edit it more later.
  5. Congratulations! You have built a new lead form.