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Email Templates (and Subject Lines) to Help Get DriverAsk Responses

Here are a few ways to ask for driver testimonial request via email.


Requesting video feedback from your drivers is tricky.

Put yourself in their shoes: they're just as strapped for time as you are, so any interruption in their day, like a video testimonial request, can end up in their email trash bin as quickly as it was sent out.

So how do you get drivers to not only click on your DriverAsk email, but actually respond?

Read on to learn more.


Humans, by nature, are selfish creatures - it's actually proven through neuroscience.

If what we read/hear isn't about ourselves, we instantly turn off our brains - so it's important to put the driver at the center of the feedback request rather than framing your company as a way to get what it wants.

NOTE: Always remember this when sending out a message to your drivers: W.I.I.F.M. (What's In It For Me).

It all starts with emphasizing your driver's W.I.I.F.M. Here are some tips:

  • Use your drivers' first name in the subject line of the email request
  • Place the value of their feedback as a way to improve THEIR working conditions, not YOUR company's marketing goals.
  • Express gratitude for a driver giving up his/her time and also their dedication of service

It's important to use short, catchy subject lines and email copy to help generate enough interest for your drivers to click their DriverAsk link.

PRO TIP #1: Subject lines that end in an open-ended question are more likely to be opened by drivers

PRO-TIP #2: Subject lines and emails that create a sense of urgency generate higher click and response rates. Set a deadline for your DriverAsk request so drivers subconsciously place a drop-dead date for finishing the task.

To help you get more DriverAsk responses, we've put together some suggested subject lines and email templates for you to use as you please.

Subject Line Ideas:

  • [Driver Name], you know us... what do you think?
  • [Driver Name], what do you think of [Company Name]?
  • [Driver Name], 10 minutes for your feedback?
  • [Driver Name], can you help us get better?
  • [Driver Name], feedback request - it'll only take a few minutes...
  • Thanks for being a loyal driver - have 10 minutes for feedback?

Email Template Ideas:

Email Template #1:

Hi {first name},

We recognize that drivers like you make up the heart and soul of this company. To help hire more workers like you, we're looking to get your feedback in a 10 minute video survey that you can do from your phone on your own time.

It's just a few questions about on things like why you enjoy driving for our company, what some of your career goals are and some things we can do to improve our company to make your job better.

  • Click this link to start the video survey: [ENTER DRIVERASK LINK HERE]

Thank you for your dedication,

{Your name}

Email Template #2:

{first name},

Thanks for your dedication to driving for {company name}. We acknowledge that your service helps our company move forward each day.

I have a small request though: we want to hire more drivers like you.

To help our company standout from others, we'd like to use your voice to advocate what it's like to work for us and also provide any feedback in an effort for us to get better as a company. 

Please take 10 minutes to fill out a quick video survey that you can do from your own cell phone on your own time.

  • Click this link to start the video survey: [ENTER DRIVERASK LINK HERE]

Thank you for your dedication,

{Your name}

Email Template #3:

{first name},

Can you help us get better as a company? 

Drivers like you are the reason we continue to move forward, so we're looking for your feedback.

To help us understand why our company is good to drive for (and where we could improve), I'd like to ask you to fill out a 10-minute video survey.

You can record the answers directly from your phone on your own time - so all we ask is that you be candid and provide honest feedback.

  • Click this link to start the video survey: [ENTER DRIVERASK LINK HERE]

Thank you for your dedication,

{Your name}


Notice that all of these emails start with the driver's first name and emphasize their benefit, rather than accomplishing what the company wants.

Keep in mind - DriverAsk is a tool that gets driver testimonials that you can use in your recruiting efforts - but it's also a valuable retention tool that you can utilize as a way learn the voice of your drivers.