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Recurrent Training - Ongoing 2021-2022

Recurrent Training 
Each month, we will host a series of 5 training webinars. Need an A-Suite refresher? Feel free to join us for 1 or all of the lessons in the series. If a session date doesn't work with your schedule, we will host the same series the following month. View the pre-recorded lessons using the links and passwords below: 

Lesson 1 - Getting Acquainted with A-Suite :

https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/Lr_PrV13lpK8QR99yjfHWk7lZfNVZ8uOf-PzxA6f_zzugnSResubmgRE1KV_dk__.c0n4kHfnd7-G8FNW Passcode: z4etUW$D

Lesson 2 - The Browser Pages and the User Profile :

https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/YvDN91DJVsz1zqUgbTcw3v8PyW4c3otK328ZPd2rcWH-okM4qSDQoRz8Kv6PJZ20.aKvmSmo4Ltqrj4jG Passcode: @EdTE+t8

Lesson 3 - Forms, Positions and Openings 

https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/Nvn4SuEXGVH3CswP5z8Rk2KpDIv48PucNfA9QxsN8MfBZ23vHsRjKJTuYBqDk3E-.NKNOf2evf1vwNAAr Passcode: ^u34uV2b

Lesson 4 - A-Suite Recruit

https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/XdLWPIVCPbVZhVW8ijsv4KslaEIn8t-wNV3ycL_p8XB41Yq5xj1JeGgSM9VncpkW.r_AF_rBlNJSgWT-v Passcode: W%Xz3JPe

Lesson 5 - A-Suite's Compliance Dashboard

https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/Y4jSp2SXcIglUzzlizMD5r3tHJLRyU00tjzBdgJpwWqAcQ1ne2v0oB7PrEzriFk.xXejAOFNA97anh_5 Passcode: &nz^Ab0*