Release Notes v3.37.0


  • Added referral source advertising pixels to EZ app welcome page
  • Hourly process that converts abandoned EZ App leads into candidates (provided there is name / contact info)
  • Added alternate logo URL to UI preferences to support company logos on dark and light backgrounds
  • Company and user based Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Ability to search candidates by their last received date independent from application date. Helps to see when a current applicant applies again.


  • Improved display in application card view to now show all lead sources that are known for candidates after December 2020
  • Reports for EZ App and Application Task applicant progress tracking
  • Allowed application card view referral source filter to return any candidates that have come in from a user's selection rather than only if their most recent source was in the selected options
  • Added job description to EZ App welcome page when a URL contains the proper options from a job board integration
  • Driver notifications can now be set to send notification emails on a given hour of the day (e.g. 9:00 AM hour)
  • Improved driver notifications configuration to allow each rule to be applied to specific jobs and locations
  • Changed "Needs Recruiter Signature" to "Needs Cosignature" in application and form request workflow
  • More helpful error messages when an attachment can't be opened
  • Improved referrer tracking on EZ App to ensure the right "digital" source of a lead is recorded


  • Correctly show the question's text rather than the component identifier on an unanswered question within an application task

Known Issue

  • Removed customizability of card view layout to accommodate the addition of lead sources