Standardizing Your Recruiting Statuses, Tags and Rejection Reasons

Stay organized and on top of your leads when it comes time to recruit drivers by standardizing your naming conventions in A-Suite.

Creating consistent naming conventions for your A-Suite account will help you stay organized and on top of your leads when it comes time to recruit drivers.

By making standardized specific property fields, you're able to do recruiting tasks in mass and be proactive versus reactive to your driver leads.

Here's an overview of a few suggested standardizations you can apply to some of your A-Suite property fields.

Recruiting Status

Standardizing your Recruiting Statuses gives you the ability to quickly stay on top of your most engaged leads so you can be proactive with your outreach (calls/emails/texts).

Recruiting Statuses Defined:

  • New: New leads you have not yet reached out to
    • Suggested Action: Contact the lead using 3 touches in 3 ways (call, text, email) in 3 days
  • Attempting Contact: Leads you have tried to reach out to but haven't been able to successfully connect with yet.
    • Suggested Action: Continue to nurture this lead twice a week by either phone, email or direct text messages
  • Actively Engaged: Leads you've been able to make contact with but are not yet through the application process. A lead with this status may still be engaged with several other positions at other companies, so it's important to stay proactive and in front of them.
    • Suggested Action: Send a call, text or email at least once a day until you hear back to nudge them through the recruiting process. 
  • Candidate Review: Lead has completed all application steps and is under review from management.
    • Suggested Action: Confirm that you've received all application information and files from the driver and communicate with them where they are in the hiring process.
  • Onboarding: Lead has been hired and is scheduled for onboarding tasks.
    • Suggested Action: Provide a roadmap for your new hire during the onboarding process and ensure they make it to orientation!
  • Unqualified: Lead may become unqualified for a number of reasons. These are leads you've determined aren't a good fit for your position. This status may tells the marketing team that the lead is unfit for a remarketing campaign.  


Tags give you the ability to prioritize your top recruiting leads. By standardizing your Tags, you can ensure that you target the most qualified leads when using filters or views. This is especially important if you are a one-person recruiter and need to drill down a list of 200 names to about 20 of the most qualified.

Tags Defined:

  • Experience: Years of experience a driver has with a CDL A or B license
    • Exp: N/A
    • Exp: None
    • Exp: CDL School
    • Exp: CDL Grad
    • Exp: 1-5 mos
    • Exp: 6-11 mos
    • Exp: 1 year
    • Exp: 2 years
    • Exp: 3 years
    • Exp: 4 years
    • Exp: 5+ years
  • Hauler Experience: Type of vehicle a driver has experience driving
    • Haul Exp: Car
    • Haul Exp: Dry Bulk
    • Haul Exp: Dry Van
    • Haul Exp: Flatbed
    • Haul Exp: Intermodal
    • Haul Exp: Reefer
    • Haul Exp: Tanker
  • Route Experience: Type of route a driver has experience driving
    • Rt. Exp: Dedicated
    • Rt. Exp: Regional
    • Rt. Exp: Local
    • Rt. Exp: OTR

Rejection Reasons

Rejection Reasons are important because if a candidate was to reapply with your company, you have a defined reason as to why they weren't hired the first time around. This can be valuable because you likely won't want to hire a driver with a poor driving record for future openings.

Rejection Reasons Defined:

  • Not Enough Experience: At the time of their application, this driver didn't have enough years of experience to take a job at your fleet
    • Suggested Action: Set a reminder to remarket this contact for the future date in which they'll have enough experience.
  • Took Another Job: The driver took another position at another company
    • Suggested Action: Set a reminder to remarket this contact in 6 months to see how the new job is going.
  • Unresponsive: The driver "ghosted" the recruiter, or, wasn't responding to calls, texts or emails for at least 3 months
    • Suggested Action: Continue to remarket this lead with mass marketing campaigns
  • No Position Available: The driver applied to work for any position, but couldn't be brought on due to the lack of need for the position they were applying for
    • Suggested Action: Continue to remarket this lead with mass marketing campaigns and prioritize him/her when a recruiting "blitz" is needed
  • Poor Driver Record: The driver's MVR showed that they were involved in a number of accidents and didn't meet the hiring criteria for the company
    • Suggested Action: Remove this lead from any mass and personal marketing campaign lists