v3.14.0 Release Notes


  • Performance improvements when opening a user profile
  • Added announcements widget to the right-side user menu to give users an easy way to open announcements dialog
  • New announcements dialog box
  • Candidate steps that are not able to be completed are now hidden rather than dimmed
  • You can now switch between creating a Lead or a Candidate in either of those forms.
  • Ohio Form IT 4NR available to all users
  • MVRs can now be ordered from ISB as a mass action in the employee browser
  • Added Date Created to all people based browsers
  • Change history on employee/candidate now shows audit logging for all license data fields
  • External ISB consent completion can now be set as a pre-requisite step for the background screening orders. The workflow step will be marked as "complete" once the consents are submitted on ISB's site.
  • Added an alert to the profile when a person has outstanding form requests
  • Added email view to the new profile
  • Added create date to the profile summary section
  • Enabled clicking an employee name to open the profile in the form requests screen
  • Management tree now opens in a tabbed view so that opening a persona doesn't hide it
  • Added a preset for "expired" form requests
  • Added rotation buttons to PDF viewer toolbar for easier access
  • Enabled multiple file selection in unassociated files uploader
  • Added "login disabled" alert for any users that have their login abilities turned off


  • Custom Field data is now visible in the Application List View and will be included if you export to Excel
  • The number of attachments column in Records Browsers now exports to excel
  • Don't trigger chrome saved password dialog when editing profile information
  • Always open the most recent text message when opening a conversation
  • When configuring saved views, all of the hidden columns are now displayed in alphabetical order. In addition, when using the menu from right clicking the datatable headers, ALL of those items are in alphabetical order.
  • Newly created Previous Employment Consent Forms will now properly say 'If no, please explain:'
  • Issue with some licenses not showing in ISB orders resolved