v3.16.0 Release Notes


  • Alphabetically sort missing records list on profile screen
  • Nebraska Form 13 now available as a widget


  • When Mass Texting users, their name and status will be a list at the top of the dialog with the ability to see optin information as well as being able to remove people from the list right there.
  • Do not contact is now more apparent on employers on employment verification outputs
  • Various changes to things hidden behind existing rights:
    • Company Text Message Inbox and My Text Message Inbox now require the 'send_sms' right
    • View Release Notes and View Announcements now require the  'menu_open_support_ticket' right
    • Creating a Todo from the Create menu now requires the 'create_reminders' right
    • Adding a tag and editing additional information now require the 'action.user.edit' right
    • The Show Change History tab now requires the 'view.persona_manage.show_persona_notes_list' right
  • Creating a recruiting link from the Create menu is now only available to members of the Recruiters group, people marked 'Is Manager', and people marked 'Is Admin'
  • Endorsements and Restrictions stored on a user's license will no longer be a single character, but instead be the full word. I.e. 'M' will now be 'Metal Coil'
  • Added a loading animation to the profile that appears after refreshing a user
  • Hide red message that appears when missing the right to use Advanced Search
  • Issue with custom fields not appearing alphabetized in the custom field preview
  • Re-added ability to change the recruiter/manager of a non-employee user
  • Fix for the User attribute in the View Change History tab changing to *NOTHING* multiple times
  • Issue with viewing the most recent note in the Recruit -> Card View
  • Protect form requests by oversight