v3.18.0 Release Notes - Dec. 19, 2020


  • New Support Menu option to view A-Suite's Glossary of Terms


  • Various Candidate Experience Improvements:

    • Various performance improvements throughout
    • If the candidate only has a single application available, skip the summary step and send them straight into the process
    • Instant warning on required fields when the candidate doesn't enter anything into a field
    • Removed stoppages (E.g. "Stay & Fix" and "Move On" dialog) between steps in a form in favor of complete validation upon submitting
    • Focus a single item when editing history items to alleviate confusion on what the system is expecting the user to complete
    • Allow deletion of history items without the need to edit the item (I.e. Delete button added to items)
    • Improved the display of errors on the validation step if the form is unable to be submitted
    • Allow candidate to sign and submit from any step in the form after seeing the finalization stop once
  • Performance improvements:

    • Recruit card view - even with > 100k leads/candidates, initial load and paging is immediate
    • Detail person view - faster initial load time, records load time, applications load time
    • Application workflow - faster transition between steps/tasks
    • General improvements throughout
  • Recruiters defined in A-Suite now pass into A-Suite Ad to be used in campaign setup (default recruiter for a campaign)

  • Accurate API orders now contain client billing codes to assist in P&L management

  • Integration support for AllTruckJobs.com to automatically pull leads daily

  • New record version can now be created from any record within the version history