v3.21.0 Release Notes - Feb. 13, 2021



  • Improved video lead gen page to allow more YouTube and Vimeo links

  • Jobs board now displays Provinces/Territories instead of States when a company is configured in Canada

  • To-Dos that contain a link to a Team Member or Prospect's profile will now open in a new tab
  • Prevent W9 from populating the Company Name field
  • Ability to configure a 'Default Train Admin' for use in any LearnUpon emails
  • Update buttons when "canceling" editing of a profile to easier recognize their intended function

  • Include referral source when manually creating a lead from the Create menu

  • Validation feedback for the direct deposit, seven day log, and references widget is now better for the admin
  • Records browser is now MUCH faster

  • When merging people, dates are handled more appropriately - resulting persona has the oldest create date/time, the newest modify date/time, and the newest last-login date/time

  • When opening a person/candidate, if they are in the candidate group AND only have rejected applications, they will be automatically removed from the candidates group

  • Form Requests for people who have since been deleted no longer show in Form Request browser

  • Sorting dates browser screens sorts with blanks being the oldest

  • Speed improvements in Form Request browser

  • Upon terminating a team member, they are now removed from all non necessary groups

  • You will now receive an email after sending a mass text informing you of anyone who A-Suite was unable to send to.

  • Initially collapse all accordions on the Positions page

  • New profile popup to go to your profile

  • Issue with alphabetization of options in custom fields answers

  • Issue with editing or removing custom field answers that contain a double quote

  • Issue with the Upload File widget not updating to appear complete in certain cases

  • Fix validation not working correctly on IRS Form W4

  • Timezone issue with last login and create date on the profile

  • Fix announcements from not popping up on some servers

  • Prevent saving a multiple-choice widget without providing a question with at least 1 answer