v3.27.0 Release Notes, May 8, 2021


  • Ability to have an 'advertise as' city and state for locations
  • Fix to application timeline dates and times reflecting incorrect timezone
  • Within the Forms configuration menu, there is a new button to find and display the use cases of each form
  • Ability to track advertiser spending in the Configure Advertisers screen
  • Ability to fax a record out of the record detail view
  • Ability to filter by Email and SMS Opt-ins on Candidates and Team Members browsers


  • The Send Email widget now displays the email subject on the task in the workflow
  • ISB widget now checks for updates each time it is opened while 'Processing'
  • User Status is now a sortable and filterable column available in the form requests browser and application list and card view
  • Multiple Choice widgets can now be configured to have their own prefill mode on the widget level
  • "Commercial Learner's Permit" is now a selectable license class
  • In text editors with formatting options, "Placeholder" with "Variable Fields" to avoid confusion while referring to the difference between them and "Prefill Fields"
  • Fix for position openings with custom workflows not copying the application task from the parent position