Release Notes (current version: v3.48.2)


  • New option in Roster Import that allows the user to choose how to handle Compliance Start Date: use import date, use hire date, use a specific date.
  • Applications can now be Contingently Approved!
  • Quick reply SMS interface from email about new inbound text
  • Added the ability to select a text message template in text messaging conversation interfaces. (User messages, My Text Message inbox, Company Inbox)
  • Moved "last login" user information to a more obvious place and changed styles for quick identification.
  • Ability to order MVRs from SambaSafety from driver's profile screen


  • Removing options from a custom field will remove that answer from anybody's profile or any records that were answered with that option
  • The Indeed Feed can now be configured to automatically renew listings monthly or not
  • Removed unused field of 'Type of License' from Seven Day Log output
  • Added the ability to configure how SSNs display on the outputs for Certificate of Violations and Employment Verification Consent


  • Fixed login for layout on small devices
  • Fix for the 'Continue' button on applications and form packets to not work properly if an action widget that was configured to not 'Auto Send' was the next task in the workflow


  • People Browser Beta Updates:
    • Fixed text message mass action not being able to locate users to send messages
    • Added three "entry points" to the side menu to better reflect historic workflow
    • Changed default sorting to "last name" for all entry points
    • Moved layout selector to top toolbar and selected the appropriate option for each entry point
    • Removed application status quick filters from top toolbar since they don't make sense in all scenarios
    • Created "Everyone" browser that starts the user with no filters applied to a people browser for completely customized, non-opinionated custom configuration of saved views