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Building an Ad

This article explains how to build your own ad within A-Suite Ad.

  • In the Ads tab of your A-Suite Ad account, click .
  • You will be taken to the page where you will create your new ad.

    Tip: As you build your ad, you can preview it on the right side of the page under LIVE PREVIEW.

Ad Type Tip:

  • If you select Standard, you must select your Optimization Goal for the ad and the URL destination. The URL destination is the website that drivers will be automatically directed to if they click the Call To Action button on your ad.
  • If you select Lead Form, drivers who click on the Call To Action button will be asked to fill out a short form (customized by you) within the Facebook platform. To learn how to build a lead form, click here.
    • Instagram Delivery: In addition to publishing your ad on Facebook, you can publish it on Instagram. By toggling the slide bar next to Show to drivers on Instagram, you can choose whether or not you want to publish this ad on Instagram.
    • In the dropdown menu under Target Drivers, choose which driver audience you would like this ad to go out to. To learn how to create a driver audience list, click here.
    • Start Date: Choose the date you want this ad to go live.
    • End Date: Choose the date you want this ad to end.
    • Max Budget ($): Type in the maximum amount of dollars you want to spend on this ad. To learn how to purchase more ad dollars, click here.
  • Once you complete the ad details and precision targeting sections…
    1. You can either save your ad as a draft by clicking near the top of the page. Or you can click to review your ad before you confirm it.
    2. Once you confirm your ad, it is ready to go live after Facebook's approval.