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A-Suite Ad Glossary

While using our platform, you may come across a few terms that seem unfamiliar. Below is a list of those terms & phrases for your reference.


  • Leads: The number of drivers who completed filling out a lead form associated with the promotion of your ad.
  • Clicks: The number of total clicks on your ad. This includes when people click on the button designated in your ad, the link to your Facebook Business Page, and when initiating a comment or reaction
  • Reach: The number of unique drivers who saw an ad at least once
  • Impressions: The number of times your ad was on a screen in front of a driver in your target audience. This number includes multiple views of your ad by the same driver.

Ad Status 

  • Update Pending: Misc. background processing activity. Another status update should be available shortly. Feel free to open a support ticket if a Send remains in this state for more than five minutes.

  • Update Processing: DGX systems are actively synchronizing this Send with Facebook.

  • Processing: Facebook's automated systems are processing this Send.

  • Pending Review: Facebook's automated filters and manual review teams are verifying that this newly submitted Send follows relevant content guidelines.

  • Issues Encountered: Facebook's review team has identified (often in error) concerns with this Send. Facebook's specific review notes will be included with this status.

  • Scheduled: Send was successfully reviewed, and will begin serving impressions on its specified Start Date.

  • Active: Send is currently live and serving impressions.

  • Complete: Send has spent its full allocated budget, and is no longer active.

  • Expired: Send has passed its end date and is no longer active, but did not spend its full allocated budget.

  • Draft: Send is ready for further edits and/or internal team review/approval.

  • Paused: Send has been paused, suspending additional spend/delivery. Status may also show as "Paused (Processing)", which indicates that DGX systems are actively communicating with Facebook to ensure that a Send has been successfully paused.