A-Suite Recruit Application Card Overview

The Application Card View gives you a fast way to review your applicants, providing lots of information in a quick glance.

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The A-Suite Recruit Application Card View offers more clarity, organization and speed to your workflow to help get your job more efficiently.

To access Card View, hover over Home, Recruit, and then click Card View.

You'll now see a list of your Recruits open up as Cards instead of a list.

Within each of your Cards, you have the ability to glance at your Recruit's status and information more quickly with an organized, three-column layout of their data.

In the left column of the card, you'll see your candidate's main contact and job-related information. The middle column holds their application information, and on the right side are notes and reminders where you can jot down information on a candidate, or set timed reminders that will display as a pop-up within A-Suite.

Card View includes all of the same viewing functionality as List View, like searching for users, saved views and advanced filtering, but with the added benefit of seeing more information on each candidate.

The Advanced Filtering feature makes it easy to add quick filters and save relevant views for future use.

You can also add Tags to your Candidates for more specific filtering.

How to Configure A Custom Saved Layout

If your permissions allow, you have the ability to create a custom layout for your Applications List by clicking the Gear icon at the top of your Tools panel.

Add or remove the properties you wish to have displayed in your three Card Columns and click "Save" to configure your custom view.

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