SMS (Text) Messaging in A-Suite

Comprehensive overview of sending SMS (Text) Messages with the built in A-Suite tool.

Overview Video:

2.11_Using the SMS Texting Feature

Sending an SMS Message from the A-Suite

1. While being logged in, look-up the employee that you want to send a text message to by using the Employee Search Bar (covered in the article titled “Finding an Employee”).

2. With the employee screen now in front of you, take a look at the left hand side where all of the employees information is. You will see phone number(s). As long as the phone number was marked as “mobile” you will see a little chat bubble to the right of the phone number. It will appear like this:

3. Click on the chat bubble (not the phone number, just the bubble). Once you do that a little window will appear. This is where you will enter the contents that you want to send the employee as a SMS (Text) Message to their mobile phone.

4. A best practice for SMS (Text) Messaging is to keep the message as short and concise as possible. Notice that messages are limited to 300 characters, this count includes spaces and punctuation, so be sure to plan your message ahead of time, that way you don't have to send multiple messages to get one point across. Example below:

5. Once you have your message composed, click on the “SEND” button. This will send the message directly to the employee, where the employee can then respond to the message from his/her mobile phone.

Responding to SMS (Text) Messages Sent via A-Suite

1. To respond to a SMS (Text) Message that was sent to a driver/employee, they simply check their messaging application on their mobile device.

2. From there, they are able to respond with text and/or photo, as you can see below.

3. On your end, this all happens in A-Suite. You can view and respond in the SMS Messages Dropdown Panel, where you'll have a record of the conversations, for easy record keeping.

SMS Messages Dropdown Panel

4. Clicking Refresh will update your SMS Messages folder to the show the most updated messages. So as we can see, our Driver sent his CDL, where we can click on it as an attachment.

5. Furthermore, we can see that our Driver's CDL Attachment has populated in our Unassociated Files Panel, where we'll be able to either create a new CDL Record, or update his current version with the new license.

SMS Message in Unassociated Files