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Add A Privacy Policy

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Because A-Suite has the ability to collect personal data from users, it is legally required for companies to post a privacy policy on their sites. A-Suite now gives you the ability to easily post your privacy policy and display it to users before they log in.

To enter your company's privacy policy, navigate to System Settings, and then choose Site Preferences.

The bottom two fields are where you will enter your privacy policy.

Privacy Policy URL Field

The first field lets you specify a privacy policy URL where you can type a link to your company's privacy policy webpage. When this field is used, A-Suite will prompt each user with a popup box requiring them to acknowledge that the site will use cookies, shown below. Once the user clicks "I Understand," they will not see this popup again unless they clear their browser cookies.

If this URL field is left blank, the popup will not appear.

Privacy Policy Text Entry Field

The second field is a text editor that lets you type information manually, or add links that lead to your company's privacy policy from your website.

Once you are finished, click "Save." What you entered in the field will now appear on the login screen below the buttons.