Batch Reassign Applications

Transfer multiple applications from one recruiter to another in A-Suite.

Overview Video:

4.13_Batch Transfer Applicants

When you need to transfer ownership of multiple applications in your A-Suite account, you'll want to take advantage of the Transfer Applications tool.

Here's how to use it.

On the side navigation of screen, hover down to Tool, and then Transfer Applications.

From here, you'll choose the recruiter you're wishing to transfer the applications from, and then select the individual applications you'd like to transfer. You can easily sort by Location by clicking "Location" at the top of the column.

Select the new Recruiter you're wishing to transfer ownership to in the right dropdown panel, and then click the Right arrow icon to move the applications over.

When you're ready to save your change, click "Change Assignee" and your ownership will be transferred.

You can always transfer Application Ownership back as well by using the left arrow icon.