Create a Saved View (Records)

Video Overview:

To create a Saved View in your Records Browser, arrange your Dashboard to display your preferred fields.

You can do this by right clicking to add or remove fields, rearranging columns by dragging and dropping them, filtering items by choosing them from a dropdown menu, or by entering a search term.

Once your preferred view is set up, click the Saved View button, represented by the eyeball icon.

Here you'll be prompted to fill out a few more remaining details about your view.

First, Type in a Name for your View.

Next, select which column you would like to be the default sorting column.

You also have the options to freeze up to the first four columns so they will always be visible as you scroll from left to right. This can be useful if you would like to always see who a record belongs to, as an example.

Finally, select the order in which you'd like your columns organized if you did not already do so. You can also turn columns on and off if you need to make changes.

Click save, and you'll now be able to access this Saved View of your records from the Saved Views dropdown menu.