Manually Create A New Candidate

How to create a new candidate from scratch in A-Suite.

Overview Video:

4.12_Manually Create a New Candidate.mp4

Sometimes you will need to manually create a new candidate for a position in A-Suite, versus acquiring him or her digitally through one of your application sources online.

To manually create a new candidate, simply click the Create button in the top-right of the screen, and choose "Candidate".

From here, enter in all of your Candidate's contact information as well as the Opening they're applying for, and the Referral Source they came from.

Assign your Candidate to a Recruiter and click Create.

Now your new Candidate will receive an email inviting them to create a new account for A-Suite, where they will be able to complete each step of the application process from within their account.

Switching to Create Lead

To switch the new entry from a Candidate to a Lead while filling out the form, simply click the button at the bottom labeled "Switch To Candidate Form." The form will switch over to the lead entry form.

You can also switch back to a Candidate by clicking the same button at the bottom of the Create Lead dialog box.