Gap Validation For Employment and Address History

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As an administrator of your A-Suite software, you have the permission to set specific Time Requirements and Gap Validations within your Work-History and Address-History sections of all applications.

Here's how to set them up.

Hover over to the side navigation menu, and then over to Recruiting, then Recruiting Tasks, and now select the application you'd like to edit.

Scroll down to the bottom and you'll see individual columns, or Widgets, with individual Steps.

Navigate down to the Work History widget and click Edit.

Now select the term of employment required in order for an applicant to successfully qualify for the position.

Next, select the maximum number of months between employment allowed for a candidate.

Once you're done, select Save.

To edit the Address, follow the same steps as before, only this time, select the Address History Step.

Click save and you're good to go.

Now when an applicant is filling out an application, they'll have to abide by the specifications you set in your Application requirements before.

If a candidate does NOT meet the Time requirements for Work or Address History, they'll be prompted to Stay and Fix the request, where a gap will automatically be created for the missing time.