How to Set Up an External Auditor

Guide to setting up an auditor to review your A-Suite Comply files.

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To set up an external auditor, hover over to the side navigation menu and select Configuration - Employee Groups.

Select Auditor, External and then Start Editing.

Now you'll want to give your auditor visible rights of the records your auditor has requested.

Select your Record types using the dropdown menu.

Next, make sure your auditor is in the Members Group.

You can also set which rights will be visible to the auditor by selecting any of the fields here.

Click save, and now you can view your External Auditor's User Profile.

Type in External Auditor into the search bar and select their User Profile.

Enter the email address you wish to send the permissions to, click "Send Welcome Email" to and click Save Updated Info.

Once you save this data, the auditor will receive an email requesting to log in to their A-Suite system.

On the receiving side, here's what the Auditor will see after they log in to their A-Suite Account.

Upon logging in, they'll see a Dashboard that doesn't display any Reports about Driver Compliance or Recruiting metrics.

What they will be able to view is a designated Records Browser containing the drivers and files you set up before in your Profile.

Now your Auditor will be able to view any employee files they wish within their A-Suite account.