v2.59.0 Release Notes

A summary of the release notes and updates for A-Suite - July 27, 2019

Recruiting Task Incomplete Warning

As part of this improvement, all options of closing a task have been eliminated except the “CLOSE” button.
Updated with this release – The “X” in the top right of the screen has been added back as a second option of closing a task. Using the “Close” button or the “X” will both trigger the notice if the task has not been completed.

Informational Notice

Added to a Record when the Record Type does not expire. A Record Type that does not require an expiration date will override the individual Record’s manually set expiration date with regards to compliance. The expired record will not affect out-of-compliance numbers, but will appear in the blue upcoming 60-day expirations bucket on the compliance dashboard.

Mobile Devices

The “Continue” application button has been moved to the top of the screen for visibility. The “Withdrawal” button has been de-emphasized.

Mobile Devices

COV, Certificate of Violations, information has been formatted for readability and ease of use.

Position Openings

The Region Name has been added to the location dropdown section for position openings. This will allow the region to be identified in addition to the other pieces of information on a position opening.

Media Sources

This has been enhanced to identify recruiter or recruiting team, select or deselect specific sources, and provide explanations. The Media Source Recruiter does NOT override the Position Location Hyperlink Recruiter. Recruiter prioritizations are as follows:
  1. Recruiter on most recent open application (Return to)
  2. Recruiter on most recent open application (Assignee)
  3. Job Hyperlink Recruiter
  4. Media Source Recruiter
  5. Position Opening Recruiter
  6. Position ID Recruiter
  7. A-Suite Administration (last resort default)

History Widget

This has been improved to prohibit checking the “No History” button when history has already been provided.

Right Highlight

SITE.CONFIG.SET_IDLE_TIMEOUT. This right allows the user to customize the length of time before the system times out. Current default for this right is All User Groups.