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Q3 2019 Software Features and Updates

Check out all the latest A-Suite features from the month of September!

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New Features

Employment History Widget Features

You can now add questions to the “Employment History” section of your application. To do this, go to Recruiting, then Recruiting Tasks. Click on your application, and in the employee history window, you can add questions.


Jobs Board Consolidation

You now have the ability to consolidate job postings by position or by location. To perform this action, go to Configuration > Website Config > Jobs Board.

You will see two options to consolidate by job location or consolidate by position. When you click yes on either of these, the jobs on your Jobs Board will be consolidated into one page.


Mass Actions

A-Suite now allows you to perform mass actions with your employees and applications. Mass actions can be performed from two locations: the Recruit page (either Application Card View or Application List View) and from the Records browser.


The Recruit Mass Actions are:

  • Send a mass email
  • Transfer applications to a recruiter
  • Transfer applications to an assignee
  • Reject applications

The Employee Mass Actions are:

  • Send an email
  • Transfer employees to a location
  • Transfer employees to a manager
  • Delete a person/persons


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Multi-Select Files in File Splitter

When processing a document in the PDF splitter - a scanned job application, for example - you can now choose multiple pages to sort into a record.

This is performed in an employee or candidate’s record, in the “Unassociated Files” panel. Once you upload your file, click the PDF Splitter icon. Choose your records that you want to create, and then you can sort pages into separate records. Hold CTRL or CMD on a Mac to select multiple non-adjacent pages (example: pages 1, 2, 5, and 9), and hold SHIFT to select a linear range of pages (example: pages 3 through 8).

Improved Features

SSN in User Profile

Hide Social Security Number by default and allow ability click the eyeball if the user is allowed to view or edit SSNs.


Search Bar

A-Suite’s Search Bar now shows all records, regardless of the individual’s status (Active Candidate, Rejected Candidate, On-Hold Candidate, Full-Time Employee, Term Eligible, Part Time, Contracted, or On Leave.


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