Setting Up User Oversights

Video Overview:

4.3_Setting Up User Oversights-1

Once you have a User that you have determined you'd like to be a Manager or Recruiter, you'll want to enable their User Oversight.

Oversights dictate which advanced or managerial aspects of the A-Suite System a User is able to view from within his/her profile

To set up your User Oversights, hover over to the side navigation bar and find the "Configuration" Icon. Scroll down to "Rights" and then "Oversights."

From here, you'll look up the User you'd like to edit.

To update their Oversight, navigate over the Employee Groups" panel. When you click in that space, you'll see a list of Groups populate, where you can select the desired Oversight Rules for your User.

Users that are given the Oversight for Candidates are typically in a Recruiting role, whereas a Manager is usually given the Oversight of "Everyone" in the system.

Oversights can also be given based on Regions or Locations.

Once you have your desired Oversights selected, click "Save User Oversight" and you're all set.