ILT Sessions (Instructor Lead Training)

ILT functionality allows you to schedule and manage classroom sessions and training events through your LLLC driving Portal.

Setting up ILT Functionality Settings:

Before you can add and schedule ILT Sessions to your Course, you must enable ILT functionality within your Settings:

1. Select “Settings” from the Primary dropdown menu

2. Click “Courses” and then “General Settings”

3. Switch on the “Enable ILT Sessions” slider option

You will notice a new “Enable ILT Session emails/ iCalendar attachments” option appears

Enabling this setting will:

  • Send your Learner/ Instructor an iCalendar invite for the sessions they are due to attend
  • Send updates to their calendar when you update or cancel their sessions

The next step is to set up your ILT Session locations:

1. Select “Settings” from the Primary Navigation dropdown menu

2. Click “Courses” and then “ILT Session Locations” from the options displayed

3. Click “Add New Location” (top right)

4. Enter the location details and click “Save”

5. Repeat for all anticipated ILT Session locations

  • You can set up as many training locations as you require, and edit/ delete them at any time.

Scheduling your ILT Session:

You are now ready to add ILT Session to your Course!

ILT sessions are designed to be added to courses prior to be published on a portal. Because you already have this course published on your portal, you will need to make a copy of the course, to be able to add your ILT session. After you make a copy, the original course is now an “Archived” course. Which means it will need to be deleted from your portal.

1. Select “Courses” from the Primary drop down menu

2. Click into the course you wish to add an ILT to

3. Select “Content” from the center menu options under your search bar. (Red box)

4. Click “Add ILT Session” (Green box) or the “Action” button and select “Add ILT Session” 

You will now be asked to enter your ILT Session details.

These include:

- Session Name (this defaults to the name of the Course)

- Description (again this defaults to your Course Description if one was entered)

- Capacity (the maximum number of attendees)

- Date/ Time

- Location (from a dropdown menu of locations previously created in Settings)

- Instructor

Once you have entered your ILT Session details and clicked “Save”, the ILT Session is saved within your Course.

Once your ILT Session, and any other information is added, You will need to “PUBLISH” your course.

To do this you will use the “ACTIONS” option in the right hand corner.

  • Once your Course is published, you will not be able to add new modules, or ILT Sessions to it.

Enrolling Learners into your ILT Session:

On your main drop down dashboard, go to “Enrollments”

From here you will enroll your learners into the course and they will automatically be added to the ILT Session.

Click “Enroll” at the bottom of your screen to save.

  • Don’t forget you can only enroll as many learners as you set the Capasity when setting up your ILT. You can be under your number on enrollments, you will not be about to over enroll.

Managing your Attendees:

  • On your main drop down dashboard, go to “courses”
  • Choose your course that includes your ILT session.

From here click on “Content” from your center menu options(Red Box) and choose your ILT session. (Green Box)

To view and manage your attendees, choose the “Manage Attendees” option in the corner of your screen.

From here you have the options to:

  • Mark Attended
  • Set course score
  • Set to cancel/no show
  • Set to partially attended