v2.1.6 Release Notes

Release v2.1.6 Items

  1. Record and Employee Browser Enhancement
  2. Task List Feature Enhancement
  3. Employee Data View Enhancement
  4. New Feature - Capture Unassociated Files
  5. Reminders Enhancement
  6. Search by SSN# Ability
  7. Upgraded .pdf view
  8. General bug fixes


  1. Record and Employee Browsers - In our latest iteration, you will notice that the views are a bit different. They are now called “Browsers” and they operate as such. As you see below, Records and/or Employees are sorted in a tabbed “browser” view. This allows you to easily have several employees or records open at once, rather than having to jump back and forth. The image below shows the tabs in a Employee Browser View and a Record Browser View.

  • Employee Browser View: You’ll see here, we have 2 employee records open, this makes clicking through them and navigating back to the employee browser a simple, fluid experience.


** There is no limit to how many browser tabs that you can have open at once, so be sure to keep it concise as you work.

  • Record Browser View: Just like the above view, you can open multiple records in each employee OR in Records view, as seen below. You’ll see the “Records Browser” at the far left, providing quick access to open more records if needed.


**NOTE: Searching for an employee in the search field at the top will override the Browser View in any iteration (employee or record) and only pull up the employee that you search, as the logic here assumes that you want to work on that particular employees file since it was searched.

  1. Task List Feature Enhancement - The Task List that you have been using, is a feature that allows you to use the Browser Views and step through individuals that you are working on. No you have the ability to remove employees from the list once you have complete the work on them.


  • When you click the Task List icon, as seen above, the system generates the list of employee you are working on, now with little green check marks (see below). As you complete the tasks you are performing on that individual, clicking on the green check mark removes this employee from the list you are working on, helping keep you organized.


  1. Employee Data View (left column when viewing an employee) - All of the fields in this section are now built on an “accordion” style menu. What that means is; you can expand and minimise the sections depending on what you need to see at a given time. The image below shows the default appearance when you go to an employees page.

    1. Additionally, we have added little counters next to each label, this lets you know how many items are in any given section, thus aiding in fluidity and clarity in managing employees.


  1. Unassociated Files - This item appears in the employee data location on the left. It is below “Missing Records” and above “Notes”. Here, you can upload files for drivers that you may not have a record type created yet or any files that you might find important to keep with the employees record.

  • To upload a file, expand the “Unassociated Files” section by clicking in the dark area. You will notice a “Upload File” button. Click on it to bring up the file browser. Select the file you want to upload then click “Open” as you normally would.


  • This uploads the file. Once the file has completed its upload, it will appear as below. The Green check indicates success, the file appears below that:


  • With the file here, you can either leave it or add it to a record by simply opening the record that you want to add the file to, then clicking holding and dragging it to the right, then let go of the clicker button. You will then be prompted that the file is now associated with the current record. This also removes it from the Unassociated Files section.



  1. Reminders - You can set Employee Specific Reminders or General Specific
  • Employee Specific Reminders: When on an employee record, click on the “Action” button, then head down the list to “New Reminder”.


  • You are then greeted with the reminder configuration window. Here you can set the variables of the reminder.

  • Click anywhere in the “Reminder Time” area to be provided with options. Here you can pick the date and time that you want the reminder to occur, then click “Save”.

  • There is a “note” section for any reference notes that you may want to add.


  • When creating an Employee Specific Reminder, the “Link” section will be pre-populated for you. At the designated time, you the system will display a pop-up window and with this reminders. Clicking on the link, will take you to the reminder location (ie. the employee where you created the reminder) so that you can work the item which you set the reminder for.

**NOTE: These reminders are ONLY site related; this means you will not get an email or text alert, this is to remind you while you are logged into the system.

  1. Find Employee by SSN - With this new feature, you are able to search for an employee by their Social Security Number.

  • To use this feature, navigate to the “Users” section in the sidebar on the left. From there, click on “Find Employee by SSN” as seen in the picture below:


  • A window appears, enter the employees SSN (without dashes) then click “Search” to bring up the employee.


  • Note, if you are not authorized to view SSN’s, you can still search by a SSN, however if not found, you will only see a not found message. Likewise, you are not able to view the SSN on an employee’s record.

  1. Updated PDF Viewer - We have incorporated a more powerful PDF viewer (for viewing record documents). This viewer has many familiar and new features. A few to note are below!


A.) Clicking here will open a “preview” window. If the document is multiple pages (like an application) you will be able to see all of the pages in a vertical manner so that you can skip pages or get directly to the page that you need in said file.

B.) Shows you the page that you are on (in the white area) out of how many pages there are.

C.) Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons.

D.) Clicking here will open a little submenu containing different view options, these are just additional ways to view the documents, the real star here is you can now ROTATE documents if they are not in the proper alignment!

E.) Clicking these expands the document horizontally or in each direction.

F.) Print button, for easy and quick printing.

G.) Download button. This allows you do download a file if you need to.

Release Notes v2.7.1

  1. After editing an employees information the window will now automatically refresh with the updated information.
  2. Issue with Deleting Records has been remedied.
  3. Years of employment now appears in the Employee Information section.
  4. Phone Number appears in the Employee Browser.
  5. SSN now appears in the Employee Browser (does not appear for users that don't have the right to view SSN).