v2.3.1 Release Notes


  1. After editing a failed audit record, status now defaults to “Needs Review”.
  2. Scroll “history” style widgets when add button is clicked in recruiting module.
  3. “Preview” link added that opens a recruiting task in full screen.

--Performance / Usability--

  1. Finalizing tasks now progresses to the next task by default.
  2. Candidate dashboard now expands the most recently started application.
  3. Notes now appear in descending date order (newest at top).
  4. Reduced clutter in notes section for better viewing experience.


  1. Fixed issue with improperly creating tasks.
  2. Fixed issue with incorrect expiration record dates on “Browse Records” screen.
  3. Corrected behavior when clicking on “Has Rights” in record browser.
  4. Record notes always have an owner.
  5. Changes in audit data for a record no longer make the record go back to “For Review”.
  6. Fixed issue with “Submit” button not working after filling out a form in Recruiting Module.
  7. Other minor backend fixes for added fluidity and resolution to loading errors.