v2.60.0 Release Notes

Impersonate a User –

A-Suite will not allow impersonating a user who does not have an email address.  A notice will now be provided to the user who is attempting this.

Reporting Framework – 

New functionality has been developed to assist users with creating reports.  Users will be able to access this new “interactive” reporting function through the report’s menu.  

Two currently available interactive reports are: 

  • Referrals by Location and 
  • Applications by Location 

Users will be able to customize results by applying filters and specific parameter definitions.  

These new custom reports will have drill-down capabilities allowing the user to move from the report to the specific item of interest.  

Additionally, there will be expanded options for “download only” reports.  

Currently available downloadable reports are:

  • Recruiting Applications 
  • Recruiting Candidates 
  • Managers and Recruiters 
  • Compliance by Location  

With the new reporting framework, users will see a list of all available templates with a brief description of the report.