v2.70.0 Release Notes

New Features

Facebook Ads Lead Integration

Customers that generate leads through Facebook ads can now have those leads imported directly to the A-Suite software. This is a feature that you can set up with AvatarFleet's development team.

Auto-Filling Government Forms (WOTC, W4, LTU, I9, Direct Deposit, 8850)

Some basic data (names, SSN, etc). will now be automatically populated on government forms to save the user time.

Auto-Filling Driver's License First and Last Name

User's name will be filled in automatically when editing the name in the Driver's License in the DOT Application widget.

Position/Opening Status and Job Board Integration

Positions and Openings can be marked as part time, full time, and contracted, and will communicate that status to job boards where applicable.

Removed auto-creation of compliance rules when creating a job

When new jobs are created, compliance rules will no longer be automatically generated.

Advanced Search - Space Trimming

In Advanced Search, extra spaces that are entered into a field by mistake will be ignored, search results will be shown for just the name/word entered.

Recruiter or Recruiter Group Selection in "Edit Position" Window

This option was previously available only inside the "Opening" window.

Referral Sources Combine when Merged

Referral sources will be kept and combined when merging employee or candidate profiles.


Hourglass and Flag Sorting in Records Browser

In the Records Browser, you can now sort records that are marked by a Flag or Hourglass to show these records at the top of the list.

Fixed signature stretching issue when exporting government forms

Sometimes signatures were distorted when government forms were exported; this has been fixed.

State Selection Menu

Fixed the state dropdown menu to populate the correct state.

Record Expiration Date

A record's expiration date now saves when manually typed in.

Hanging "Loading" Popup Fixed

If a login attempt fails due to server error, the "Loading" popup now closes; it previously would stay open and require the page to be refreshed.

Delete All Versions of a Record

When a record had multiple updates and the item was not the topmost version, "Delete Entire Record" would not actually delete every iteration of the record. This has been corrected.

Asurint Authorization Release Form Info

A person's address will automatically populate into the Asurint Authorization Release Form.

Upcoming Expirations Fix

Upcoming expirations now include records that expire today. Before this fix, they would not appear in


Recruiting Task Notifications

Recruiting tasks will now notify the Assignee instead of the Recruiter.

"Commercial Drivers Licenses" has been changed to "Drivers Licenses"

Minor title change to indicate all driver's licenses are included in the section.

Major Enhancements

Integration of A-Suite and the Learning Management System (A-Fleet + LLLC courses)

Integration between A-Suite and the Learning Management System  (LMS) for A-Fleet and LLLC courses has been completed. This means that:

  • Users can be imported and exported from A-Suite to the LMS
  • Can be done individually or in bulk via a Mass Action
  • Completed courses can be imported into A-Suite as records with a certificate attached to each record
  • Settings are located in Configuration > Integrations