v2.71.0 Release Notes

New Features

Pixel Tracking Now Available in A-Suite Recuit

Pixel Tracking is a feature that job boards (Indeed, Facebook, etc.) offer; this feature is now compatible with A-Suite. Click the link above to read our how-to article.

Create/Link Users in A-Suite Train

Creating new users and linking current users can now be done right within A-Suite. Click the link above to view a how-to video and read the article.

Filter by Tags in the Applications List View

You can filter by Tags in the Applications List view so that when enabled, all applications that have been tagged will appear at the top of the list. You can also select tags to filter by.


  • Government form output updated to match real form
  • Remove requirement of recruiter assignment in position opening
  • Added option "Clear" in the empty hour glass and flag filter dropdown to select none
  • Icons added to the company file manager
  • Video landing page now auto populates the registration form after job board page
  • Application notes now sort reverse chronologically in application timeline
  • Company File Manager - Making Folders error has been fixed
  • Consolidation now shows the correct record in the list view