v2.73.0 Release Notes

New Features

Recruiting Status Label In Application List View

“Recruiting Status” label that was previously only visible in Application Card View has been added to Application List View.


  • Failed HireRight requests notify user when request fails and the “loading” animation stops.
  • Various Company File Manager issues resolved; renaming files and drag-and-drop folders now enabled.

  • Asurint orders were not for employees who were missing data. A-Suite now collects as much data as possible from the employee’s profile.

  • Status filter options not loading correctly when using all people or show terminated button and the status filter is hidden in saved view.

  • Network Failure Error on some Drivers License Records in NACSB has been fixed.

  • “Clear Saved View” button now appears in Application Card View.

  • Custom records: Labels with long names were wrapping to a second line and compressing other labels; long labels now stay on one line and users can hover over to see the full label text.

  • When a username is in the URL, user cannot edit the username when logging in.

  • After creating a new reminder in Application Card View, the reminders automatically refresh to show the reminder you just created

  • Error in 'stale' candidates report has been fixed.

  • When creating a Location, a Region is now a required field.

  • Time zone issue in Records Browser when filtering by date - UTC was being used instead of local time zone, causing events to occasionally show up on the proceeding date

  • Assignees now receive email notifications when assigned to an application

  • Correctly link the owner of attachments and the owner of the record