v2.74.0 Release Notes


  • A-Suite Comply Forms feature

    New feature that allows you to send an employee or a candidate an invitation to log in to A-Suite and fill out a form that is needed.

  • Created Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse widget; can be used on any recruiting task.
  • Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse status has been added to user’s profiles; Yes, Unknown, or No

  • Advertiser notes have been reformatted to be more user-friendly


  • Seven Day Log field updates:

    • Endorsements and Restrictions fields now provide dropdown menus where Endorsements/Restrictions can be chosen via checkbox

    • Class is now a dropdown selection menu

    • Last Day Worked placeholder has been changed from today’s date to generic text

    • Day fields in the log don’t appear until the Last Day Worked is selected.

  • Output for CDL section now says “Drivers License”