v2.77.0 Release Notes


  • Company privacy policy configuration feature introduced to A-Suite. Once configured, the privacy policy will show up on the A-Suite login screen.

  • Company site preferences allow users to upload a logo and add a color theme to their A-Suite login screen, emails, and forgot password screen.

  • “Send Welcome Email” feature added to “Create New Candidate” form

  • “View Lead Sources” added to User Profile “Actions” menu, which shows the web trail of how an employee or candidates found a job posting.

  • Record Type categories are now a required field when creating a new record.



  • Merge by SSN will now match SSNs with dashes to the same SSN without dashes.

  • Employees Browser now shows total number of Employees instead of Records.

  • Search Bar fixed to keep focus while typing or during a pause in typing.

  • 30 more years added to Drivers License Expiration to future-proof.