v3.4.0 Release Notes


  • New to-do functionality to replace reminders
  • Ability to clear signatures on comply forms as a mass action.

  • The Contact Info Widget can now collect a secondary email (not required).

  • The Multiple Choice Widget can now be configured to output only the selected answer(s).

  • Creating a new record from the Missing Records table no longer removes/overrides the tab of Missing Records.

  • New "To Do" Widget for recruit application workflows


  • Indeed "Apply On Company Site" now presents the applicant with the job description before proceeding to the summary info form.

  • Hide top menu bar while completing a task in the new candidate experience.

  • You can now configure a setting for the number of custom fields displayed in the profile summary AND custom fields now display better.

  • Washington State Release form update to auto-populate full company address.

  • Fixed new candidate experience from not saving some dates correctly.