v3.9.0 Release Notes



  • Roster import now correctly adds users to the "Candidates" group when one of the candidate statuses is selected for the status in the import UI.

  • In A-Suite Ad, the default URL for advertisement CTA is now the job board with attribution to A-Suite Ad. Users can override this with any valid URL from the link create in A-Suite.

  • Friendlier message when trying to save a new group with the same name as an existing group.

  • Creating an application manually now requires a referral source.
  • Changed Education History Widget "Current Attendance" label to "Status"

  • Improved performance in employee browser when searching by license fields

  • Fixed some date and time formats not displaying correctly in browsers.

  • "Close" button now closes UI tab as intended when clicked in admin view of a form request.

  • Sorting by record type in recruiting tasks now works properly

  • Fix error when closing an application task before validation completes.

  • Fix for ISB package combo not repopulating.