What to know about creating a video ad

Keep your videos honest and to the point. Be sure to pay attention to the lighting and what else is in the frame. You want to be thoughtful in your video’s creation but you don’t need a fancy camera and a staff to produce something that will perform well on social. Sometimes a lower budget can help highlight the authenticity behind your message.

It’s best to keep your videos short and to grab viewers' attention with something exciting right away. Content between a total of 10 and 60 seconds will typically produce the best viewing results on social media. Plus, videos over one minute are too long to be posted on Instagram.

For sizing, you’ll want the video to be recorded at a 16:9, or square 1:1 ratio for best results.

Finally, adding captions to a video is vital to spreading your ad message. The majority of videos on social media start playing on mobile devices without sound. Click here to learn how to add captions to a video.