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A-Suite Text Messages

There are 4 ways to send SMS Messages in A-Suite.

1. From a User Profile

2. From Peek View

3. From Mass Actions

4. From the Company Text Message Inbox



1. From a User's Profile, click on the blue dialogue icon to send a text to a single user. 


2. From Peek View: 

If there is no blue dialogue icon, the user did not mark that number as a mobile number, and you are unable to send a text until you verify that it is a cell phone. 

3. From Mass Actions - Click on the Mass Actions check box, and the task list mass actions will appear. 

A pop up will appear and you can tailor your message. 

4. From the Company Text Message Inbox - Note not all users have permission to view the company inbox

From Browser, Company Text Message Inbox, the pop-up below will appear. You can find and search for messages or compose a new SMS.