Compliance Module Permission Options

You have flexibility to create Permission Groups at your company based on your business. To help create these groups, most clients organize based on job, location, region, or down to the individual user level. This document contains list of abilities you can assign to permission groups. Our suggestion to help you get started is to start with the categories of permission groups and then highlight which ability corresponds to each group.

Some suggestions to help you organize out of the box for permission groups are:

  • Company Admin
  • Super User
  • Manager
  • Auditor
  • User
  • Restricted User


Available abilities to choose from:

Manage Users - have employees report to this user
Create User - add a new user to the system
Edit User - edit any user data in the user profile
View User - view user data and associated records
Mass Transfer - Manager - transfer assigned users to another manager
Mass Transfer - Location - transfer assigned users to another location
Create User Note - write a note to a user
Reset Password
Impersonate User (within oversight) - system logs that you are acting as another user that you already have oversight for
Impersonate User (company wide) - system logs that you are acting as another user for the entire company
Customize Upcoming Expiration Timings - set the timing of alerts
Create/Edit Personal Saved Views - create, save and edit To Do Lists (i.e. CoV’s that expire in 30 days)
Send (email) Message
Send SMS - send text message
Site Administration
Create/Edit Records
Create/Edit Jobs
Create/Edit Locations
Create/Edit Regions
Create/Edit Super Regions
Create/Edit Business Units
Create/Edit Record Types
Create/Edit Record Subtypes
Create/Edit Record Groups
Create/Edit Template Emails
Create/Edit Template Email Categories - categories organize template emails
Create/Edit Permission Assignments
Create/Edit User Groups
Create/Edit Compliance Rules
Configure User Oversight (i.e. location, region, another manager)
Mass Import (Records and/or Users)

System Administration
Raw Database Access
Manually Run Compliance
API Tests
Create/Edit Companies
Create/Edit Sites
View logs
External Integration Configuration (Create/Edit API Keys)

Change Audit State
Create Audit Note
General Use
Create Report View


Here is a suggested mapping for the build-in user group: Managers