How to Split a PDF Document

How to use A-Suite's PDF Splitter, a tool that can be used to separate a single PDF containing multiple pages into individual pages designated for specific Record Types for a User.


Files Icons Overview

There are several action options for a PDF when it's uploaded to your Unassociated Files folder:

Screenshot 2023-10-19 at 10.32.34 AM


Click the kabob to:

  1. "Burst," a multiple page PDF into individual pages
  2. Delete the attachment
  3. Download the attachment
  4. Preview the attachment
  5. Rename the attachment
  6. Split the PDF into individual Records
  7. Transfer the attachment to another person

Here we'll be talking about using the A-Suite's PDF Splitter, which is a tool that can be used to separate and sort a PDF containing multiple documents into individual records within a User's Account.

Using the PDF Splitter

  1. From the users files tab, select the PDF you would like to split.
  2. Click the kabob and select "Split attachment to Records"
split 1

The PDF Splitter window will appear where you will proceed to create the desired Record Types for the files you would like to split.

To add a Record Type, navigate up to the "Add New Record" panel and select your desired Record from the Dropdown Menu.

Click Add and it will be added to your Splitter.

Add however many Records you'd like.

Next, simply drag over the pages of your PDF you've just split and place them into the corresponding record type.

Set any expirations by clicking the Calendar Icon on the right of the Record type.

Click on Split and Create Records and now your split PDF pages will automatically create the Records for these files.

To view your Records, simply click over to the User's Records Browser where you'll see all of the documents you've just split.

As you can see, the page of our original PDF is now a record, and our days until expiration column is updated with the date you entered.