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Using Tags in A-Suite

A guide to adding, editing, and removing tags in A-Suite.

What is a Tag?

Tags provide a way for you to categorize users by assigning a personalized name or phrase to their profile. Utilizing tags is an effective method to streamline user organization based on your company's specific preferences.

Adding Tags

Before you can assign tags to a user's account, you must first set up your naming conventions and configure your tags. To do this, go to the side menu, hover over Configuration, and click on Tags.

At this point, you will encounter a blank list or a range of tags ready for selection and editing. Simply click on the corresponding green button to create the specific type of tag you desire. Feel free to create as many tags as needed and use color codes for better organization and navigation.

Editing Tags

To make changes to a tag, simply double click on the tag name or on the color you wish to modify.

Deleting Tags

To remove any individual tag, simply select the Trash can on the left of the tag.

Adding/Removing Tags to a User

In a User's Profile, click on the plus sign at the very bottom of their profile. This will allow you to select from any of the pre-made tags configured in the Tag editor, or you can create new tags in the moment.

You can also delete any tags you've added by clicking the x on the tag you'd like to remove.