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Apply with Indeed

What Does the Apply with Indeed Option Mean for Me and My Applicants? 

Indeed is the number one hiring platform, and they’re making it easier and easier for a job hunter to apply! 

We now have an integration with Indeed that allows for applicants to apply to your company directly while in the Indeed site. 

The apply with Indeed option can be used by mobile or desktop applicants. 

While in the Indeed platform, an applicant can click on the “Apply with Indeed” button in your company’s job opening, attach a resume with the option to attach a cover letter.

The applicant never leaves the Indeed site.


Apply with Indeed automatically syncs all candidates who have utilized Indeed's one-click-apply option into your A-Suite account.

This simplifies the application process and makes your job openings even more accessible to candidates. 

To Configure this Option in Your A-Suite

Apply with Indeed comes free with your A-Suite subscription. 

To configure this option in your A-suite, go to the System Settings tab on the Navigation Toolbar. Select Integrations, and then Indeed. 

Next, this will appear on your screen: 


The user can select “Yes” to use the “Apply with Indeed” button, and the option to use the default screener questions is also presented. The screener questions are pre-set, but you can submit a ticket and the questions can be edited to your specifications. The default  questions are as follows: 

  • What city and state would you like to work in? 
  • What endorsements do you have? 
  • How many years of CDL driving experience do you have? 
  • Who is your current or last employer?
  • How long did you work there?

Once a candidate applies through Indeed, the candidate’s information is pulled into A-Suite. A candidate’s user profile is created, the candidate’s resume is populated as an attachment, the telephone number, email address and other information is included in the profile. The candidate’s response to the screener questions are populated as a note in the profile. 

If the assigned recruiter has their system notifications turned on, they will receive an email that a new applicant has been assigned to them. Not sure how to do that? See below: 



The Applicant’s Experience: 

Once the application is submitted through Indeed, the applicant will receive an email that asks them to continue in A-Suite.  A pre-selected password is set for them and is listed in the email.

The applicant can log in and work through the application workflow.