Changing a Position/Location For In-Progress Application

At some point, you may have to change the position that a candidate is applying for. 

To do this, navigate to the candidate’s profile by either searching for the candidate’s name, or finding them in the database by going to Users, Browse, Candidates. 

Find the candidate whose position needs to be changed, and click their name to open their profile.

Click the Actions button located in the top right corner of the Application that needs to be changed. You can change either the location of the job, or change the position entirely.

To only change the location, click “Change Location”. A warning window will pop up to let you know that some of the data collected may not meet the requirements of the new location. Click “Confirm”. Then, choose the new location from the drop-down menu and click “Submit.”


To change the position, go to “Actions”, “Change Position”. Another warning will pop up; click “Confirm.” Choose the new position and the Opening from the drop-down menus, and then click “Submit”.


When you change the position, the applicant will have to go back in and re-sign the documents, but all data that has already been filled out will transfer to the new application.