Contingent Approval

Applications can now be Contingently Approved! 

If a candidate still has tasks remaining, but you wish to approve them contingently, you now have the ability to do so. This will allow you to continue to work on a candidate's tasks.

This Contingent Approval will be restricted to a right that only those users who are able to "force hire" will have. 

Note the location of this feature, in the Actions drop down menu:


Upon selecting Contingently Approve, the user will see the following: 


Remember, once all of the candidate's tasks are completed, you will still have to go into their profile and formally "Approve" their application.

Contingent is now a "quick filter" on the application data tables and on the soon to be released Unified People Browser, allowing for a quick search of all contingently approved users. 

The manager of a Contingent Hire and the Recruiter and Assignee of a contingently approved applicants will all individually receive an email about any applications that have been contingent for more than 25 days.