Avoid Formatting Issues When Pasting from Microsoft Word to Job Descriptions

How to use the wordtocleanhtml website to copy job descriptions from Microsoft Word to the job description editor in A-Suite.

There is a simple tool that can be used to make copying text from Microsoft Word to the Job Description text field much easier. Applications like Microsoft Word tend to attach their own formatting to the text within the document. What this means is that copying text from a Word document and then pasting it into a Job Description text field can cause formatting issues. You may have noticed that certain functions within that text field don’t operate normally when using this copy/paste method. 

The word2cleanhtml website tool solves the potential formatting issues. You can visit the website by clicking here.

When you first enter this website, you are met with the screen shown in the image below. Once you paste your text into the field, click the "convert to clean html" button.

Upon clicking the “convert to clean html button”, the website will take the pasted text and convert it into html that is free of any Microsoft Word formatting. You can then click on the “Copy cleaned HTML to clipboard” button, which will make a pop-up appear where you can copy the html to use in the position or opening description.

Finally, you can paste the copied text into the description field by using the "source code" tool in the text editor as shown in the video below: