Cost Per Lead and Hire

A-Suite now has the ability to generate a report for you that can update you about cost per lead and hire. This allows for you to have a performance report that allows for comparison between advertisers and demonstrates cost per lead / per hire for each advertiser.

To locate this feature, go to the Navigation Toolbar, Reports, and then to Interactive and Cost Per Lead/ Hire Report.  

From there, you will see a screen that shows available advertisers. Using the Track Spending button, you can enter in your advertiser spend. Once you enter in your spending


the chart will calculate the cost per lead and hire. In the example above, in 05-2021, we spent $1,000 on Indeed. A-Suite automatically tracked that we received 23 leads for that month with no hires. This averages out to $43.48 in cost per lead. 

This is one way in which A-Suite can assist you in making data driven decisions!