Creating a QR Code Based off of a Recruiting Link in A-Suite

Using your Chrome Browser You Can Easily Create a QR Code


From the Create button at the top right of your A-Suite screen, go to Create Recruiting Link. This screen will appear: 

Fill out the information for the position you wish to recruit, and select the recruiter/ recruiting team and assignee if desired. 

Then, fill out the additional application information on the screen, but this is optional. Selecting these will populate the information that you select on the user profiles of the applications that come in via the QR code. 

Next, select Create Link, and a link will pop-up:

Click on the link, and it will take you to your company's EZ App landing page, that will look something like this: 

Right click anywhere on a blank section of the screen, and you will see this pop-up: 

Select, Create QR Code for this Page, and you will be presented with the QR code like the one listed below!