Creating A-Fleet LMS Users 🎥

Determining User Types and Creating New Users in Your Portal

The video below shows you how to create new users in your A-Fleet LMS Portal. Under that you'll find a list of user types and their descriptions to help you determine which type to assign to your new users. 


Learners hold permissions to log in to the A-Fleet LMS, to take courses and to communicate with their instructors. Learners can’t access anyone else’s course content or results, or run reports.
Instructors hold the same permissions as learners, plus permissions to lead courses, mark assignments, mark attendance for ILT Center sessions, and run reports about course progress and results. Instructors can only access learner data, like learner names and results for the courses, for courses they lead. They can’t browse other courses and view learners' enrollments or progress.
Managers are users who manage groups within the LMS. Manager permissions apply to learners within the manager's groups only. The permissions do not apply outside the group. Managers can't browse other groups, or view individual learners' data. Managers can do the following for users in the groups they manage:
  • Change a learner's name or email address
  • Disable or enable a learner's login access
  • Set or reset a learner's password
  • Set or reset the learner account's expiry date
  • Add or update any editable custom user data fields
Admins are users with the most permissions and access to their portal. Permissions include all access granted to other user types, as well as rights to:
  • Create and maintain any type of user account
  • Assign users to different user types
  • Enrolling and unenrolling users
  • Running reports on all users