Configuring the "Do Not Dispatch" setting in A-Suite

Missing Records are now included in your Do Not Dispatch Dashboard

Within A-Suite compliance, we have various dashboard metrics to help provide a quick snapshot of your compliance key metrics with links to quickly get detail on exceptions such as upcoming expirations, out-of-compliance drivers, and individual missing records. There is also a category called "Do NOT Dispatch". This is the focus of the upcoming change.

If you don't see the Do NOT Dispatch metric, you may need to configure your dashboard using the link in the upper left corner above:
Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 12.23.07 PM 
"Do NOT Dispatch" was designed as a configurable option to track out-of-compliance drivers who had critical records in their DQ File, which were either expired or failed audit. These drivers could be considered more seriously non-compliant (for example, a driver with an expired driver's license) when compared to a non-compliant driver with an outdated internal acceptance policy document. Both need attention, but the former might be a reason to pull the driver from the road.

When the feature was created, early adopters requested that "missing" documents would be excluded from "Do NOT Dispatch" evaluation criteria. The number one example cited was that new drivers often didn't have all documents uploaded into the system during post-hire onboarding. The feature would only track drivers once they became initially compliant (all records uploaded). In that case, expirations or failed internal audits would categorize a driver "Do NOT Dispatch" when one of the records required to maintain compliance was no longer valid.

As our user base has diversified and clients have adopted all-digital pre-hire onboarding, we believe it's more appropriate to change the functionality to include ALL drivers who have expired, audit-failed, AND MISSING records within the configured list of "Do NOT Dispatch" record types. To help support customers who want do defer the compliance evaluation of new employees during the onboarding process, we added a field for "Compliance Start Date" which can differ from "Hire Data". Employees won't be evaluated for non-compliance or Do NOT Dispatch until AFTER the Compliance Start date.

To further clarify the change, if a company considers the following valid DQ Records for dispatch - License, COV, Medical card and the MVR was missing for a driver, that driver would be listed in the "Do NOT Dispatch" listing.

The list of record types is configured within the system under the menu hierarchy Configure -> Comply -> Do NOT Dispatch. The configurator looks like the illustration below.

We understand this update will likely change the numbers you see on your dashboard.  "Out of Compliance Drivers" will not change - drivers with missing records were and always will be considered non-compliant. However, the "Do NOT Dispatch" will increase for each driver MISSING one of the required records.

Compliance is our #1 priority and we believe this change is in the spirit of helping you achieve a fully compliant fleet.
The change is planned for April 23, 2022, to allow time to review non-compliant drivers and make changes to your Do NOT Dispatch configuration. If you have questions or need to discuss the change further, please don't hesitate to reach out.