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Background Screenings Made Easy with A-Suite’s HireRight Integration

Avatar Fleet now offers a seamless integration with HireRight to offer our clients top notch background screening on applicants. The integration allows the background screening process to start with a click of a button within A-Suite. The background screening order can be placed directly in A-Suite and the results will automatically be added to the candidates electronic DQ file in A-Suite. 

The step-by-step process can be viewed below:

Your CS Manager will assist you with adding the HireRight widgets to your workflow. The Hire Right release form will be signed by the applicant electronically and will be collected in the pre-hire workflow. 



The HireRight order will be placed directly through A-Suite by clicking on the HireRight V3 widget in the “Screening” section of the workflow. 



A disclaimer will be presented to the user placing the order. Clicking ‘OK’ will submit the information to HireRight for processing.



Once the order has been placed, a confirmation screen appears in A-Suite. From this screen, you can use the link to open the order within HireRight if edits or additions are needed.



Once the order is complete, a PDF of the results will be returned to the driver's electronic DQ file.



The Process for Existing Team Members

To order background checks on existing employees, take the following steps from a User’s Profile: 

Go to the “Create” button on the profile and select “Background Check.”




Select the “Place Order” pop-up that will appear under the HireRight v3 title. 

Next, a pop-up will appear in which you must specify your order. Indicate the output record type that you want and select “Next.”

A disclaimer will appear. Read over it and then select “OK.”


Another pop-up will appear to show you that your order was successful!

You can check the status of the order under the three dots on the User Profile. View > Background Checks.



View previous and in-process orders from this tab. You also have the ability to open the orders inside HireRight by clicking the link on each order. 


To view our HireRight Video, click this link: https://www.avatarfleet.com/avatarfleet-partners-hireright