How to Set Up Referral Sources and Advertisers

A guide to setting up Referral Sources and Advertisers in A-Suite

 In A-Suite Recruit, you have the ability to set up and measure specific Referral Sources for a candidate when he or she applies for an open position.

A Referral Source is simply the original medium from which a recruit found your position and eventually applied through.

Sources like Facebook, Linked-In, and more all would be examples of Referral Sources applicable for a candidate, as seen in their User Profile.

Here's how to set up your Referral Sources in your A-Suite Recruit account.

Setting Up Your Referral Sources

To set up a Referral Source, hover over to the side navigation bar to Configuration, Recruit, and click Referral Sources.

You'll now see either a blank screen, or, a list of pre-existing Referral Sources in your menu. To add a new source, click "Add New Referral Source."

Type in the Name of your source and now your Referral Source will be saved for later use.

Referral sources must be created so you are able to link them to your advertisers later.

Configure your Advertisers

You can find all current advertiser configurations inside of your A-Suite account. 

Please note, activating an advertiser in A-Suite does not automatically initiate their services. To ensure full functionality, you must first establish an account with the advertiser. Additionally, it is essential to communicate directly with a representative from the advertiser's team to complete the integration process properly.

Inside your “Configure Advertisers” screen, you will see a full list of all possible advertisers with the following columns: 

  • Name (advertiser name)
  • Has Feed (A-Suite sends XML feed to the advertiser)
  • Posts Leads (advertiser sends lead information to A-Suite)
  • Pickup Leads (A-Suite pulls from the advertiser)
  • Active (shows whether or not advertiser is active)
  • Media Source (linked media source)
  • Last Pull (last time the feed was pulled from the advertiser)

Inside an advertiser configuration: 

To edit or configure any of the advertisers. Double click on the advertiser to open. In this screen, you can:
  • Enable or Disable your advertiser
  • Choose your linked Media Source (must match the advertiser you are configuring)
  • Choose your link destination
  • Direct lead to job description before link destination

The bottom section of your advertiser configuration screen offers you an easy way to “Show” or “Hide” your positions on this advertiser.

Configuring advertisers inside your positions and openings:

Inside your positions, you will see 3 drop-down areas where you can configure advertiser information directly inside the positions.

Advertising Info:

Advertiser name: This allows you to set a custom advertised name for the position that is different than the name within A-Suite.

All other fields inside this section are used for only a select few advertisers. 

  • Important note for Indeed - USE HOURLY OR YEARLY FOR SALARY FIELD ONLY and make no reference to anything salary related in job description, it will break the feed for that position or opening.

Advertiser Configuration:

List of all advertisers available inside your A-Suite with the option to view the configuration and additional options to Enable or Disable your positions from showing on each advertiser.

*If an advertiser is Enabled inside the position, but not configured (Step 3), these will not show on that advertiser.


Additional information regarding qualifications for the position is available to add to your advertiser feed.

This section is also only used by the following advertisers:

  • Indeed